Introduction to the characteristics of veterinary vaccine bottles

Jul. 20, 2021

With the large-scale development of breeding, it is particularly important to do a good job in animal immunization and prevent economic losses caused by infectious diseases. The veterinary vaccine bottle is a special packaging for animal vaccines. It plays an important role in the safety and stability of the vaccine. It has the following characteristics:

Introduction to the characteristics of veterinary vaccine bottles

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Barrier property: Veterinary vaccine bottles are generally produced from polyethylene and polypropylene materials. These two materials are lighter in weight, convenient to transport, cost-effective, and can withstand the corrosion of most acid and alkali solvents. They are good packaging materials. The polypropylene material can withstand high temperature and pressure, and is suitable for vaccines that need to be sterilized after filling.

Introduction to the characteristics of veterinary vaccine bottles

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Airtightness: As a special packaging for animal vaccines, airtightness is a basic requirement. The mouth of the vaccine bottle is generally relatively small, and the rubber stopper aluminum cap is used as the bottle cap. The rubber stopper is generally a butyl rubber stopper, which can prevent direct contact between the liquid medicine and the bottle cap and achieve a good sealing effect.
Sterilization treatment: To meet the storage requirements of the vaccine, the packaging must undergo special sterilization treatment to kill the microorganisms on the packaging to meet the sterility requirements of the relevant standards and prevent the packaging from contaminating the vaccine and affecting the immune effect.
In addition, some veterinary drug manufacturers will require that the company’s brand logo be printed on the vaccine bottle, which can not only bring a certain brand effect to the company, but also achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting, avoiding counterfeit and inferior vaccines from disrupting the market and bringing animal epidemic prevention work. Unnecessary losses and endanger animal health.

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