How to use the positioning ring on the veterinary syringe

Jul. 21, 2021

The positioning ring, as the name suggests, is to determine the specific position. It is an important part of the veterinary syringe, which can make the dosage of the medicine more accurate. So, how should this part be used?

How to use the positioning ring on the veterinary syringe

5ml cow syringe

The therapeutic effect can only be achieved after the drug has reached a certain dose and is absorbed by the body. If the dose is too small to obtain an effective concentration in the animal's body, the drug will not be able to exert its effective effect. If the dose is too large and exceeds a certain limit, the effect of the drug may undergo qualitative changes, which may cause varying degrees of toxicity to the body. Therefore, in order to play the effective role of the drug while avoiding its adverse reactions, it is necessary to strictly control the dosage range of the drug.

How to use the positioning ring on the veterinary syringe

15ml syringe for pets feeding

The veterinary syringe is a common veterinary drug package, which is composed of a tube sleeve, push rod, piston, protective cap and other structures. It is mainly used for the packaging of dairy cow mastitis, dairy cow endometritis pet nutrition ointment, cockroach medicine and other drugs. Among them, when used in dairy cow endometritis and pet nutrition ointment drug packaging, there will be a special positioning ring. The function of this positioning ring is to accurately determine the dosage of the drug. Pet nutrition ointment and dairy cow endometritis drugs belong to multiple administrations. The drugs are generally not used up at one time. The dosage for a single use is required, and the role of the positioning ring lies in this. The positioning ring needs to be used with the push rod. A standard scale will be printed on the push rod. Read the drug instructions carefully before use, calculate the single drug dose according to the animal's weight, and then turn the positioning ring to the accurate dose scale. Push the push rod to administer directly.

How to use the positioning ring on the veterinary syringe

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Accurate drug dosage is the basis for ensuring drug efficacy and animal health. The positioning ring on the veterinary horse syringe is easy to operate and the drug dosage is accurate, which promotes the healthy development of animal husbandry to a certain extent.    

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