Features of Equine Deworming Syringes

Jan. 18, 2022

With the development of equestrian sports, everyone began to realize the necessity of deworming. Most of the horse deworming drugs are ivermectin, which is mostly in the form of paste, and the packaging is mainly plastic syringes. As an efficient packaging form, what are the characteristics of this packaging?

Features of Equine Deworming Syringes

dial a dose syringe

The plastic paste syringe is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. It is not only a packaging container, but also a drug delivery tool. The cap fits snugly on the tip, allowing the package to have a good seal. Remove the cap, push the push rod, and it becomes a drug delivery tool again.
Compared with other packaging, this kind of packaging is used for drug delivery through the driving force of the push rod, which can reduce drug residues and improve the utilization rate of drugs. Due to the difference in horse weight, the requirements for the dosage of the drug are also different. There is a scale printed on the push rod of the package, and used together with the positioning ring, the dosage of medicine can be accurately controlled, and the health of horses can be avoided due to overdose or underdose.
On the whole, the plastic veterinary syringe is easy to use, reduces pollution, and can control the dose of medication through the positioning ring. It is an efficient, convenient and very functional package. It has also been used in pet nutrition cream, cow endometritis medicine, cow mastitis medicine, cockroach medicine and many other medicines.

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