How to ensure the tightness of veterinary vaccine bottles

Feb. 03, 2021

The prevention and control of animal diseases is of great significance to the breeding industry and food safety. At present, the main method of prevention and control of diseases is still pre-vaccination. The tightness of the vaccine bottle is very important to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. The key factors affecting the tightness have a lot to do with the bottle cap and its butyl rubber stopper.How to ensure the tightness of veterinary vaccine bottlesVaccine bottle is a container used to store vaccine. Its tightness is directly related to the bottle cap. The connection between the screw of the bottle body and the bottle cap is the most likely location for leakage, and it is also the focus of the sealing performance test of the bottle cap. The sealing performance can basically reflect the sealing performance of the vaccine bottle. The tightness is generally tested by the following method: take 20 samples, put appropriate amount of glass beads into the bottle, and close the cap, then seal the cap by the capping device, and the bottle mouth and cap are matched properly. Place it in a container with a suction device, immerse it in water, and evacuate to a vacuum of 27kpa, and maintain it for two minutes. There should be no water or bubbling in the bottle.

On the other hand, the tightness of the vaccine bottle is closely related to the quality of the butyl rubber stopper. Butyl rubber stoppers are very good in terms of cleanliness, chemical stability, air tightness and other aspects. They are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to direct contact with drugs, the country has issued many relevant standards to control the quality of butyl rubber stoppers. The regulations on the tightness of the rubber stopper and the body are as follows: Take 10 samples and preprocess them according to the method specified in the drug packaging material standard. Put the pretreated test sample into a container with a suction device containing a 10% methylene blue solution, evacuate it to a vacuum of 25kPa, maintain it for 30 minutes, return the vacuum device to normal pressure, and spin it for 20 minutes. Take it out with water Rinse the outer wall of the bottle and observe that the methylene blue solution must not penetrate into the bottle.

Bottle caps and rubber stoppers are two of the more important factors that affect the tightness of vaccine bottles. Pharmaceutical companies should fully consider the importance of packaging to medicines when choosing vaccine bottles, and keep the quality of vaccine bottles off.

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