Note on packaging selection of pet nutrition cream

Feb. 19, 2021

Pet nutrition cream is an easy-to-digest and practical quick-replenishing nutrient. It can help pets absorb the nutrients needed by the body more comprehensively and adequately, and is favored by pet owners. Scientific feeding promotes the healthy growth of pets. Key factor. A very important factor affecting scientific feeding is the packaging of pet nutrition cream. So how should pharmaceutical companies choose packaging?

Note on packaging selection of pet nutrition cream

15ml syringe for pets

Scientific feeding not only means that pets mainly take them to the hospital to check their bodies on a regular basis, prevent epidemics and deworming, but also pay attention to the amount of feeding when feeding pets, especially the fortified products such as pet nutrition cream. The health of pets has a certain impact. At present, the packaging of pet nutrition paste on the market mainly includes two forms of hose and perfusion. The hose packaging is a kind of packaging form similar to toothpaste. When using, squeeze the outer wall of the hose to squeeze it out, but this The packaging has certain defects. For example, the feeding amount of the nutrient cream has a great relationship with the user's hand strength, the feeding amount is not accurate, and this kind of packaging is prone to residues, which will cause waste. Packaging in the form of an infusion device will not have these problems. Compared with hose packaging, a pet syringe has the following advantages:

1. Easy to use, open the protective cap when using the plastic veterinary syringe and push the push rod to feed directly, easy to use;

2. Precise feeding, the infusion device can print scales on the push rod and use it with the positioning ring to make the feeding volume more accurate and scientific;

3. Reduce residues. The packaging in the form of a veterinary syringe uses push rods to feed, which can minimize the residue of nutritional cream and avoid waste.

Comprehensive advantages, pet nutrition ointment packaging in the form of a perfusion device has certain advantages in terms of usability, residue, and scientific feeding compared with tube packaging. Veterinary drug companies should closely follow the market demand and choose better applicability. The veterinary packaging can not only meet the scientific feeding needs of pet owners, but also win a good market reputation for the product.

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