New packaging veterinary syringe

Feb. 05, 2021

Veterinary drug packaging is of great significance in ensuring the effectiveness of drugs and promoting the healthy development of animal husbandry. With the emergence of various new materials and processing techniques, new packaging with unique functions and convenient use continues to emerge, becoming many veterinary drug companies to expand their market share An effective way to improve the efficiency, veterinary perfusion device is one of this new type of packaging.

New packaging veterinary syringe

intramammary syringe

The veterinary syringe is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a positioning ring or a protective cap. It is a new type of packaging that combines the functions of a "packaging container" and a "syringe" for liquid preparations. It is mainly used for milk cow udder perfusion , Packaging of uterine perfusion drugs and pet nutrition cream. According to the difference of application types, the infusion device has the following characteristics:

1. Dairy cow udder injector

This type of packaging adopts a thin-head design, and the capacity is generally not too large. When using, remove the protective cap and push the push rod to directly inject. The air cannot contact the medicine, which minimizes the possibility of medicine being contaminated; Large liquid medicines have more residues during use, and the infusion device can minimize liquid medicine residues; it can be filled and sealed in a high-speed assembly line, saving a certain amount of labor costs for pharmaceutical companies.

2. Uterine perfusion

Due to the difference of the medication site, the uterine perfusion type perfusion device adopts a thick head design, and the capacity is relatively larger. In addition to the many advantages of the breast perfusion device, this type of packaging can also print scales on the push rod according to the needs of pharmaceutical companies, and use it with the positioning ring to make the medication more accurate.

New packaging veterinary syringe

paste syringe

3. Pet nutrition cream

This type of perfusion device also adopts a thick head design, with a capacity ranging from 15ml to 30ml, which is easy to use and can be fed by pushing the push rod. The control of the scale ring can be used to make the dosage more accurate and the feeding more scientific. Compared with aluminum-plastic tube packaging, it is easy to produce residues, and the medication is more complete.

The packaging of veterinary perfusion device originated from abroad, especially in the treatment of dairy cow mastitis. It has been gradually introduced to the country in recent years. Technological innovation has allowed various new packaging to emerge in an endless stream, but the market law of survival of the fittest has never changed. Good packaging must be a product that is generally recognized by the market in terms of functionality and applicability, and good drugs must be matched with good packaging to win market. Perfusion devices are favored by more and more veterinary drug companies, which is an inevitable trend for pharmaceutical companies to improve product competitiveness and help companies take off.

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