What is the function of the level line on the liquid bottle

Aug. 18, 2023

Aqueous bottles are used to hold solutions such as disinfectants, pesticides, and foliar fertilizers. Sometimes we find that there is a transparent liquid level line on the bottle body, and there are detailed scales on it. What is the function of the level line on the liquid bottle?

Chemical properties of polyethylene liquid bottles        Chemical properties of polyethylene liquid bottles

twin neck bottle                                                  plastic coex bottle

Depending on the contents, the functionality of the packaging also varies. Aqua bottles mainly contain solutions such as disinfectants and pesticides. This type of solution has a characteristic that it is relatively corrosive, so the packaging materials generally have strong barrier properties. In addition, another feature of such solutions is that they need to be diluted before use, because they are highly irritating. If the concentration is too high, it may cause equipment corrosion, human toxicity, and performance decline. In particular, pesticides, if they are directly applied to crops without dilution, may affect the normal growth of crops, so they must be diluted according to the ratio specified in the instructions before use.

The transparent level line on the liquid bottle is for the convenience of observing the capacity of the solution, so that there is no need to pour it into the measuring cup for measurement when diluting, which reduces the intermediate links and is more convenient to use.

With the continuous change of market demand and the improvement of various processing techniques, more representative functional packaging has been launched one after another, such as the liquid level line on the water bottle, the twin neck bottle with two necks, etc. These functions It is convenient for users and increases the added value of pharmaceutical products.

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