Plastic syringes in equine medicine packaging

Jan. 12, 2022

As a herbivore, horses are susceptible to various parasites in the process of eating, so deworming horses is a very important part of daily management.
Parasites will multiply with the change of humidity. Horses infected with parasites will cause a series of diseases. Scientific deworming is an important task to ensure the health of horses. At present, there are three types of equine anthelmintics on the market: tablet, injection and paste. Among them, paste anthelmintic has become the mainstream type of equine anthelmintic due to its ease of use.

Plastic syringes in equine medicine packaging

60ml horse syringe

Plastic syringes in equine medicine packaging

dial a dose syringe

The paste-like repellent is different from ordinary liquid preparations. It is relatively thick, so plastic paste syringes are used on the packaging. This packaging adds a protective cap on the basis of the syringe, which can ensure good sealing of the container, to ensure the safety of the drug. When giving medicine, open the protective cap, put the tip into the gap between the teeth of the horse's mouth, and push the push rod to easily realize the medicine, which is an efficient and convenient packaging form.
In a year, many horses need at least 3 times of deworming treatment, so the market demand for deworming drugs for horses is still relatively large. As the main packaging form of deworming drugs, plastic veterinary syringes are also ensuring the healthy development of the farm. play a more important role.

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