How to distinguish the quality of plastic bottles by appearance

May. 25, 2021

Plastic bottles can protect the safety of the contents and play an important role in their effectiveness during the shelf life. The quality of the packaging directly affects the storage state of the contents. So, how to distinguish the quality of plastic bottles by appearance?

How to distinguish the quality of plastic bottles by appearance

veterinary packaging bottle

The quality of veterinary packaging includes indicators such as packaging appearance, airtightness, drop resistance, dissolution test, and abnormal toxicity. In addition to appearance, other indicators need to be tested by professional tests. We can make a preliminary judgment on the quality of the package by its appearance, which mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Bottle mouth: Observe whether the mouth of the bottle is flat, without collapse, and whether there is any gag defect in the mouth of the bottle. By observing the mouth of the bottle, it can be judged whether the tightness of the bottle is good, and whether the mouth of the bottle is convenient for pouring out the contents.
2. Bottle body: Observe whether the color of the bottle is uniform, whether there are any chromatic aberrations, blisters, oil stains, bubbles, deformation, etc., and whether there are obvious scratches on the bottle body. The appearance of the bottle body mainly depends on whether the overall aesthetics of the bottle is good.
3. The bottom of the bottle: qualified packaging should be marked on the bottom of the bottle with the material of the product, such as PP, PE, PET, etc. Place the bottle on a flat surface and observe whether the bottle can stand steadily. Through this point, it is mainly used to judge the material of the bottle and the stability of the bottle.
The quality of plastic bottles can be simply judged through the above points. No matter which industry it is used in, qualified packaging is the basis for protecting the contents. When purchasing packaging, the quality of the packaging must be selected as a condition.

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