Adhesion testing of horse wormer syringe

May. 27, 2021

As a new type of veterinary drug packaging method, horse wormer syringes have the characteristics of simple use, convenient operation, and reduced pollution. It is composed of a tube sleeve, push rod, piston, protective cap, and positioning ring. In order to ensure that different parts are combined together to meet the requirements of mutual matching, it is necessary to test the tightness of the veterinary syringe.

Adhesion testing of horse wormer syringe

equine syringe

The tightness of the horse wormer syringe refers to whether it can achieve a good sealing effect during storage and use after the components are assembled to ensure that the package does not leak. The integrity of the packaging system directly affects the quality of the product. In order to control the risk of its sealing integrity to product quality, sealing components that comply with internationally accepted standards should be used as much as possible.

Adhesion testing of horse wormer syringe

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In China’s T/CVDA 1-2019 "Prefilled Plastic Breast Injector for Veterinary Use" standard, the test method for the tightness of wormer syringes is as follows: Take an appropriate amount of this product and add half of the water (or Colored solution), match the push rod to drive out the air, make sure that there is no air in it, wear a protective cap, apply an axial pressure of 30N on the push rod piston through the push rod, and hold for 30 seconds. The seal of the cap and the piston seal should be No leakage.
The horse wormer syringe reduces the dispensing process before the drug is used, and the design of the positioning ring ensures the accuracy of the drug dosage. It is a new device that combines the primary packaging of liquid preparations and the syringe. Detecting whether the adhesion is qualified is an effective measure to ensure product quality, and it is also an important way to protect drugs from external environmental pollution.

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