Classification and use of veterinary syringes

Apr. 30, 2021

The veterinary syringe is a new type of veterinary packaging material and an important part of the veterinary packaging system. It has the functions of storing medicine and medicine injection. In the veterinary medicine industry, it is mainly used in dairy cow mastitis medicine, cockroach medicine, pet nutrition ointment. Packaging for horse oral pastes and other medicines.

Classification and use of veterinary syringes

paste syringe

The syringe is generally an assembly, which is mainly composed of a barrel, cap, plunger,ring. According to the size of the tip, it is divided into a wid tip and a narrow tip. The wid tip is mainly used for pets. The packaging of nutrient ointment, horse oral paste, and endometritis drugs can be administered with the help of tools such as catheters.
According to the requirements of the animals on the dosage of drugs, veterinary syringes can be divided into those with positioning ring and those without positioning ring. The positioning ring is designed to make the dosage more accurate. Generally, a scale is printed on the push rod of the syringe. The positioning ring can be moved and fixed to ensure the accuracy of the medication. In addition, the intramammary syringe for cow mastitis drugs is divided into two types: breakable protective cap and non-breakable protective cap, respectively corresponding to the two different disease conditions of dairy cows during lactation and dry period, which is more suitable for the actual situation of dairy cows.
Regardless of whether it is a thick head design or a thin head design, with or without a positioning ring, the function of the veterinary syringe meets the specific requirements for the packaging and use of different drugs, and is favored by pharmaceutical companies and many farmers.

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