Animal vaccine industry ushered in expansion

Apr. 28, 2021

Animal vaccines play an important role in the prevention and control of animal diseases. From May 15th, the newly revised "Measures for the Management of Veterinary Biological Products" will be formally implemented. The new measures will allow veterinary biological products operating companies to operate national compulsory immunization. Biological products will allow farms to purchase biological products for national compulsory immunization more conveniently and quickly. The vaccine market will usher in accelerated expansion, and the market demand for vaccine bottles will also increase.

The old "Administrative Measures for the Operation and Management of Biological Products for Veterinary Use" stipulated that biological products for compulsory immunization of the state can only be distributed to breeding farms uniformly through government bidding and procurement, or related production enterprises directly sell to qualified large-scale breeding farms, and production enterprises are prohibited Sell to other units and individuals. This limited supply policy, in particular, does not allow veterinary biological products operating companies to sell biological products for national compulsory immunization, and it is not convenient for farmers to purchase products needed for epidemic prevention in time by themselves.
The promulgation of the new "Measures" is conducive to speeding up channel sinking, increasing product inoculation penetration rate, realizing the replacement of low-quality and cheap seedlings with high-quality and high-priced market seedlings, which is expected to significantly open up foot-and-mouth disease, highly pathogenic avian influenza, and spread Market space for vaccine products such as diseases. Vaccine vials are storage containers for vaccines, and they are also the key to ensuring the safety and stability of vaccines and ensuring immune effects. Thanks to the accelerated expansion of the animal vaccine market, the market demand for vaccine vials will also increase.
In addition, factors such as the recovery of live pig production capacity and the acceleration of large-scale breeding have jointly promoted the market demand for animal vaccines, and also increased the market application of vaccine bottles.

Animal vaccine industry ushered in expansion

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