Choose a high-quality bettix twin neck bottle like this

May. 24, 2021

Bettix twin neck bottle is a new type of packaging container, composed of two bottle mouths, mainly used in the packaging of pesticides, pH buffers, disinfectants, fluorescent leak detectors and other solutions that need to be diluted. The quality of the packaging is very important to the stability of the solution contained, so how to choose a high-quality bettix twin neck bottle?
One of the two mouths of the double-mouth bottle corresponds to the quantitative bottle and the other corresponds to the volumetric flask. The following aspects can be considered when choosing the bottle:

Choose a high-quality bettix twin neck bottle like this

twin neck bottle 32 oz

1. Material:

The liquid solution contained in the double-neck bottle is mostly corrosive. Therefore, the material selection should conform to the characteristics of the solution to ensure that the packaging materials will not react with the contents and cause the solution to deteriorate. Strongly corrosive solutions can choose high barrier (EVOH) materials with better barrier properties.

2. Appearance:

The appearance of the bottle is the consumer's first impression of the product. For a high-quality bottle, the end surface of the bottle mouth should be flat, without chipping, and no gag defect in the bottle mouth; the bottle body is fully formed, uniform in color, and not obvious Chromatic aberration, no blisters, no oil, no bubbles, no deformation, no obvious shrinkage, no obvious scratches; the bottle can stand steadily. In addition, check whether the scale of the quantitative bottle is clear, so as to facilitate the measurement of the amount of solution.
High-quality bettix twin neck bottles are inseparable from the manufacturer's strict control of raw materials and processing. When choosing, we must check the manufacturer's production qualifications to ensure product quality and better protect the solution.

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