Characteristics of inactivated vaccines and requirements for vaccine bottles

Jun. 15, 2021

As a biological product for preventing and controlling infectious diseases of livestock and poultry, animal vaccines play an important role in modern-scale breeding. Among many types of vaccines, inactivated vaccines are relatively safe. For example, foot-and-mouth disease vaccines and avian flu vaccines are all inactivated types. So what are the characteristics of this vaccine, and what are the requirements for the vaccine bottle?

Characteristics of inactivated vaccines and requirements for vaccine bottles

plastic injection vial

Inactivated vaccines, also known as dead vaccines, are vaccines made by using physical or chemical methods to treat microorganisms so that they lose their infectivity or toxicity and maintain good immunogenicity. Its advantages are safety, no rent rebate, no rebirth, easy to store and transport, it is very easy to be stored, and it is relatively safe to use, not prone to allergies.
The storage temperature of the inactivated vaccine is 2-8℃. During the storage process, the vaccine must be strictly prevented from freezing. It cannot be stored below 0℃, otherwise it will cause the inactivated vaccine to deteriorate and affect the immune effect. This kind of vaccine generally uses plastic vaccine bottles as packaging. The requirements for the bottles are mainly reflected in two aspects of sealing and barrier properties. These two factors are related to whether the bottle leaks and whether the vaccine will be contaminated by the invasion of the external environment.
In addition, some vaccines are sensitive to light and are prone to react or decompose when exposed to light. In order to better protect the vaccine, brown bottles are generally used when choosing vaccine bottles to better maintain the stability of the vaccine.

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