Cap characteristics of plastic vaccine bottles

Sep. 08, 2021

Plastic vaccine bottles are the main packaging of inactivated veterinary vaccines. Vaccines are a special solution and have high requirements for packaging. What are the characteristics of the bottle cap as an important part of the bottle?

Cap characteristics of plastic vaccine bottles

250ml plastic vaccine bottle

Plastic vaccine bottle caps generally use rubber stopper aluminum caps, which are composed of rubber stoppers and aluminum caps. The aluminum cap has good hygiene, will not rust, is easy to open, and does not require auxiliary tools to open, and is not easy to hurt the user. After opening, the bottle cap is obviously destructive and can effectively prevent theft. In addition, the aluminum cover also has the characteristics of good cushioning, shock resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, etc., non-toxic, non-absorbent, non-dust, and has very good anti-pollution properties. The internal cleanliness, chemical stability, air tightness, and biological performance of the butyl rubber stopper are very good. The rubber stopper coated with the film can effectively reduce the absorption, adsorption, leaching and permeation between the rubber stopper and the drug, and improve the drug Long-term stability; at the same time, the mechanical lubricity of the rubber plug is also well improved, which greatly reduces the increase in the number of insoluble particles in the liquid medicine caused by the silicone oil.

Cap characteristics of plastic vaccine bottles

10ml PP injection vial

The aluminum cover of the rubber plug made by the combination of the aluminum cover and the rubber stopper has been exerted to a large extent in terms of airtightness, anti-pollution properties, and chemical stability, and can maintain a good storage state of the vaccine. Large-capacity injection bottles, oral liquid bottles, etc. have selected this kind of good bottle cap.
In addition, the choice of plastic vaccine bottle aluminum caps has a unique advantage, that is, embossing, milling, etc. can be embossed on the aluminum cap to meet the brand promotion needs of pharmaceutical companies.

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