Two advantages of grease syringe

Sep. 08, 2021

Grease is a grease-like semi-solid, which plays an important role in the lubrication and sealing of various parts. Its packaging uses a special form of plastic syringe. The reason for choosing this type of packaging is that it has the following three advantages:

Two advantages of grease syringe

10ml gel syringe

Two advantages of grease syringe

cockroach syringe

1. Easy to use: The grease syringe is composed of a pipe sleeve, a push rod, a piston, and a protective cap. When using, open the protective cap, align the tip to the part to be lubricated, and push the push rod. It can realize the function of lubricant and is very convenient in use. On the other hand, the tip of this kind of packaging is very thin and can reach the inside of very small parts to achieve lubrication or sealing. It is a very practical packaging.
2. Reduce residue: This kind of packaging uses the hydraulic principle to transport the grease. Through the action of force, the items are pushed from the place with high pressure to the place with low pressure. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, it is led out through the thinner tip. The hydraulic principle comes from Pascal’s law, which means that after any point in an incompressible static fluid generates a pressure increase due to an external force, this pressure increase is transmitted to all points of the static fluid in an instant. This way of use can better reduce the grease residue in the syringe and improve the utilization rate of the product.
On the whole, the grease syringe has the advantages of convenient use and reduced residue. While meeting the storage needs of production enterprises, it also improves the market competitiveness of the product.

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