Test method for easy oxides of veterinary syringe

May. 11, 2021

The veteriary syringe is widely used in dairy cow mastitis drugs, dairy cow endometritis drugs, horse nutrition ointment, etc. The health of animals is related to food safety issues. Therefore, various quality inspections on packaging to ensure compliance are the key to ensuring drug safety. The appearance and tightness of the packaging are the primary concerns of pharmaceutical companies. In addition, the detection of easy oxides is also a very important aspect.

Test method for easy oxides of veterinary syringe

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Easily oxidized substances refer to substances that are prone to chemical reactions with oxygen in ordinary environments. The common ones are metals that are prone to rust. In the veterinary drug packaging industry, they generally refer to substances that are prone to oxidation reactions with oxygen, such as organic matter, reducing agents, Sulfur, phosphorus, etc. In order to improve the performance indicators of the perfusion device, some special substances will be added during the production process. To prevent these substances or precipitates from oxidizing and affecting the safety and stability of the drug, it is necessary to conduct easy oxide detection for the packaging.
In China's T/CVDA 1-2019 "Pre-filled Plastic Breast Injector for Veterinary Use" standard, there are clear instructions for the detection of easy oxides: a precise amount of 20ml of water for the test solution, and a precise addition of potassium permanganate titrant ( 0.002mol/L) 20ml and 1ml dilute sulfuric acid, boil for 3 minutes, and quickly cool to room temperature. Add 0.1g potassium iodide, place it in a dark place for 5 minutes, and titrate with sodium thiosulfate titrant (0.01mol/L). When the titration reaches the end point, add 5 drops of starch indicator solution and continue the titration until it is colorless. In addition, take the water blank solution and operate in the same way. The difference between the two consumption of sodium thiosulfate titrant (0.01mol/L) shall not exceed 1.5ml.
Of course, the test for easy oxidation of the veterinary syringe is only one of many test items. To ensure that the quality of the product fully meets the requirements of the standard, a comprehensive test must be done on the packaging to ensure the safety of the drug.

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