Application of syringe in dairy cow mastitis disease

Dec. 10, 2020

Application of syringe in dairy cow mastitis diseaseIntramammary syringe is to use a catheter to directly inject the drug solution into the diseased milk area, so that the drug can directly act on the breast lesions of the cow, and it has the characteristics of simple operation and quick effect. However, due to the particularity of the treatment site, there are certain risks during breast perfusion treatment. Therefore, the mastitis perfusion device used needs to be strictly disinfected to prevent bacteria and fungi from being introduced into the breast area. In order to ensure the effectiveness of perfusion therapy and avoid secondary infections, operators should pay attention to the following points:

1. Before using plastic veterinary syringe, pay attention to whether the packaging is damaged and whether the liquid medicine exceeds the expiration date;

2. The operator needs to wear sterile gloves and squeeze the milk in each milking area thoroughly according to the milking procedure.

3. Use a 70% alcohol cotton ball to disinfect the nipple tube opening, and expand the disinfection range around the nipple around the nipple tube opening. When disinfecting a new nipple, pay attention to replace the cotton ball and not reuse it.

Dairy cow mastitis is one of the most serious diseases that cause economic losses in pastures. The veterinary packaging has played an important role in the treatment of cow mastitis. Farmers should pay attention to the environmental sanitation of the cow barn and the daily care of dairy cow udders while doing a good job in the treatment of dairy cow mastitis diseases, so as to reduce the occurrence of diseases and improve the economic efficiency of breeding.

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