Application of 50ml 100ml veterinary vaccine bottles

Jun. 15, 2022

Animal vaccines play an important role in preventing infectious diseases and improving the economic benefits of farming. Veterinary vaccine bottles, as packaging containers for animal vaccines, are crucial to the safety and stability of vaccines. There are various types of animal vaccines, and different vaccines have different application of packaging specifications.

Application of 50ml 100ml veterinary vaccine bottles


Application of 50ml 100ml veterinary vaccine bottles

100ml transparent PP vial

Foot-and-mouth disease inactivated vaccine: It is one of the most important weapons to prevent the occurrence and prevalence of foot-and-mouth disease. The vaccine should be an emulsion, allowing a small amount of oil phase precipitation or stratification of the emulsion column. If it encounters demulsification or exceeds the specified stratification (water phase exudation should not exceed 1/10 according to the regulations), it cannot be used. Vaccines should be stored at 2-8°C in the dark to prevent freezing. This vaccine mainly uses 50ml and 100ml veterinary vaccine bottles, and other piglets use 20ml or 50ml specifications.

The above is the application of different specifications of packaging in animal vaccines. In addition to being used as storage containers for inactivated vaccines, veterinary vaccine bottles can also be used to store vaccine diluents, and the specifications are mainly 20ml-50ml.

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