Pet Syringe

Size Chart

G00815mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap, ring
G00620mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap
G003 30mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap, ring
G00460mlPEbarrel, plunger, cap, ring

Advantage of our pet syringe:

1. Syringe can improve your economic benefits

We also produce push rods with scale and positioning ring pre-filling, which can achieve precise drug delivery and reduce waste; our products, tubes and caps are rigorously matched, have good sealing and no leakage, and no residue after injection, which improves your product medicine. Efficiency, thereby enhancing your economic efficiency.

2. Syringe can improve your production efficiency

We can provide different assembly methods according to your drug ingredients and filling methods. After you receive the goods, you can directly fill the products on the high-speed filling machine, saving production time and improving production efficiency.

3. Syringe can guarantee your stable production and supply

We have a complete SOP process, from raw materials, workshops, production, quality inspection, release and other aspects of strict control to ensure that your delivery time is worry-free.

Veterinary Paste Syringe


1. Could you offer labels or printing on the oral paste syringe?

Yes, we can offer printing and labels on the syringe.

2. Do these syringe have stock?

Yes, oral dosing paste syringe is our mian product, we have stock all the time.

3. Where did you export your veterinary syringe?

Our paste syringes are exported more than 50 countries including Europe over the world, and we have DMF number.

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