Why Plastic Syringe is Popular for Cockroach Gel Medicine?

Sep. 17, 2020

Plastic syringe has unique structure to inject and place cockroach insecticide gel, the narrow tip has small inner diameter, so you can easily control the injection dosage. The cap can protect the cockroach insecticide gel from the air. So the cockroach gel syringe not only stores the cockroach insecticide gel, but also can inject the gel. The cockroach syringe has a single tip however the cap has a break away/twist off component which shortens the canula.


Why Plastic Syringe is Popular for Cockroach Gel Medicine?cid=3

10cc gel syringe

Cockroach insecticide gel killer need place multi places which is the cockroach prefer place, like counters, sinks, tables, bathrooms, drains and dumpsters. So the traditional packaging for cockroach insecticide gel is not convenience, so packaging the cockroach insecticide gel need a functional packaging, this functional packaging can place cockroach insecticide gel easily.

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