Horse paste syringe factory

Sep. 21, 2020

Horse paste syringe with dial a dose syringe 15ml, 30ml and 60ml  produced by Xinfuda is popular all over the world. Xinfuda has exported veterinary syringes and pharmaceutical packaging 20th years, our clients are from the world. Xinfuda hope to be your partners and offer top service.

Horse paste syringe factory

paste syringe

Race horses always need safety packaging for their medicine to keep a good spirit. Plastic syringes can keep medicine safe and easy-to-use. Equine paste syringes consist of dosing plunger, dosing loop, tip cap, etc. So it is also called dose control paste  syringe. You can feed horses with oral paste injection syringe, which turning loop to control the dose. Excellent sealing can keep expiration date of medicine longer and safer.

Of course, Xinfuda also offer printing and color services for your requirements for your products. Xinfuda is looking forward to be your partners for ever.

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