What vaccines can plastic vaccine bottles contain

Mar. 14, 2022

Plastic vaccine bottles are packaging containers made of polyethylene or polypropylene. Veterinary vaccines are divided into live vaccines and inactivated vaccines, while plastic packaging is mainly used for the storage of inactivated veterinary vaccines.

What vaccines can plastic vaccine bottles contain

100ml PP vaccine bottle

What vaccines can plastic vaccine bottles contain

250ml PE vaccine bottle

Foot-and-mouth disease inactivated vaccine: It is one of the most important weapons to prevent the occurrence and prevalence of foot-and-mouth disease. The vaccine should be an emulsion, allowing a small amount of oil phase precipitation or emulsion column stratification. If this happens, shake gently to restore the emulsion Use it evenly. If it encounters demulsification or exceeds the specified stratification (water phase exudation cannot exceed 1/10 according to the regulations), it cannot be used. Vaccines should be stored at 2-8°C in the dark to prevent freezing.

Avian influenza inactivated vaccine: Avian influenza virus has 16 (H1-H16) hemagglutinin subtypes, and there is no cross-immune protection between the subtypes, of which H5 and H9 are the main two. Vaccines are mainly inactivated vaccines, which should be placed at room temperature of 20-25 °C for two hours before use. After being injected into chickens, vaccines that are too cold are likely to cause large reactions.

Inactivated PRRS vaccine: It is a common disease of pigs. Inactivated vaccine does not need and cannot be replicated and multiplied in the body. Inactivated vaccine stimulates the body to produce antibodies slowly, but it lasts for a long time. Plastic vaccine bottles are mainly used for the storage of inactivated vaccines such as foot-and-mouth disease vaccine, avian influenza vaccine, and PRRS vaccine, as well as vaccines such as chicken Newcastle disease and duck infectious serositis.

Plastic vaccine bottles have the characteristics of light weight, unbreakable, easy to transport, easy to process and form, and have a high cost performance, which is the main reason why many veterinary drug companies choose this kind of packaging.

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