Two major uses of plastic veterinary syringes

Mar. 09, 2022

The plastic veterinary syringe is composed of a sleeve, a push rod, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. This special design makes it not only a container for drug storage to protect the safety of drugs, but also a tool for drug delivery.

Two major uses of plastic veterinary syringes

5ml syringe for cow mastits

First, the drug storage function of the veterinary syringe is achieved by the combined action of the protective cap and the push rod. The two play a sealing role at two different positions of the head and the tail to prevent drug leakage. And good sealing also requires strict control of each process of production, from materials to product accuracy to ensure the good cooperation of each component.

Two major uses of plastic veterinary syringes

30ml dial a dose syringe

The second function is the drug delivery function. The veterinary syringe is mainly used for paste-like drugs. Its design is derived from the syringe. The difference is that the protective cap design is added, so that the drug delivery tool has the function of drug storage. Open the protective cap directly when administering medicine, push the push rod to operate easily, and it is very convenient to use.

Since the medicine is filled into the veterinary syringe in advance, this kind of packaging saves the intermediate links and avoids various pollution in the middle operation. It is a very efficient and convenient packaging method.

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