What is plastic twin neck bottle

Nov. 12, 2020

What is plastic twin neck bottle

1000ml dispensing bottle

The plastic twin neck bottle is one bottle with two neck, which is typically used to store liquids such as water, beverages, disinfector, pesticides, soaps, lubricants, concentrated cleaners and fuel. So this plastic twin neck bottle is used widely in the world, for example, drinks, disinfector, liquid medicine, fuel and so on.

The plastic twin neck bottle is made of HDPE and LDPE.

The twin neck bottle make dosing and dispensing simple and convenient! With just a single hand, users can measure and pour with ease.

To use these dispensing bottles, simply loosen cap from dispensing chamber. Gently squeeze the bottle to fill measuring chamber with required amount of liquid. Remove cap from dispensing chamber and easily pour measured fluid from the chamber.

How to choose the twin neck bottle?

choose the suitable capacity and dosing chamber

choose the suitable material LDPE or HDPE according to the liquid which you will fill in.

you need observe the surface of the twin neck bottle

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