What are the functions of veterinary drug packaging?

May. 18, 2021

As an important part of drugs, veterinary drug packaging plays an important role in protecting drug safety and maintaining the stability of drug efficacy. However, the role of veterinary drug packaging is not only reflected in the protection of drug safety, but also in terms of anti-counterfeiting and enhancing the added value of drugs.

What are the functions of veterinary drug packaging?cid=3

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Protecting medicines: Protecting the safety of medicines is the most basic function of veterinary medicine packaging. Safety here not only refers to the integrity of medicines during transportation, but also protects medicines from external water vapor, impurities, dust, etc., and keeps them within the validity period. Internal stability, etc.
Anti-counterfeiting of medicines: Difficulty in distinguishing between true and false in the veterinary drug market has always been a major problem hindering the healthy development of the industry, and with the emergence of various anti-counterfeiting technologies, this problem has also been well resolved. Generally, genuine veterinary drugs are affixed with a QR code on the veterinary drug packaging. Scanning the QR code can display the 24-digit traceability code, product name, approval number, manufacturer and other basic new types of veterinary drugs. If the orifice plate or other content is displayed, it indicates that There is a problem with the medicine.

What are the functions of veterinary drug packaging?cid=3

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Commercial value: High-quality veterinary drug packaging is also very important in increasing the added value of products. For the same drug, if the buyer does not have a clear purpose in the selection process, the aesthetics of the drug packaging will first be considered, so the veterinary drug packaging It also has strong commercial value, and high-quality packaging can better attract the attention of buyers and help increase product sales.
Taken together, the role of veterinary drug packaging is mainly reflected in the three aspects of drug protection, drug anti-counterfeiting, and commercial value. With the emergence of various high-techs, more new functions will be given to veterinary drug packaging.

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