Advantages of veterinary drug plastic bottle extrusion and blowing process

May. 13, 2021

Plastic, as a kind of raw material that is easy to process and form, with low cost, is made into various plastic bottles through different advanced processing techniques, and is used in various industries. Veterinary medicine plastic bottles are one of many application industries.

Advantages of veterinary drug plastic bottle extrusion and blowing process

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The common processing techniques of veterinary drug packaging include extrusion blowing, injection blowing, injection stretch blowing, etc. Among them, the extrusion blowing process can be applied to various plastics to produce different shaped bottles, and it is also a relatively mature production process. The extrusion process is to add the raw materials to the extruder, melt the preform after heating and melt, and then use the mold for inflation molding. After the bottle is cooled and shaped, take it out, and then trim the flash to complete the production of the finished product. . This process has the following advantages:
1. In the blow molding process, the parison is formed by the die and inflated under a relatively low pressure, which determines that the blow molded product has less residues and has high strain resistance such as stretching, bending, and impact. Better service life.

Advantages of veterinary drug plastic bottle extrusion and blowing process

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2. Most of the raw materials used in the extrusion blow molding machine have excellent low temperature resistance, good chemical stability, and good crack resistance.
3. The molding equipment is simple and easy to operate, and the selection of raw materials is more extensive.
4. After the parison flows out through the extruder head, it directly enters the blow mold for molding without secondary heating and high production efficiency.
The veterinary medicine plastic bottles produced by the extrusion and blowing process include our common vaccine bottles and disinfectant bottles. With the continuous advancement of science and technology, various processing techniques are constantly improved and perfected, and the extrusion and blowing process will also be better in the veterinary drug packaging industry. Applications.

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