Application of Veterinary Syringes-Praziquantel for Horses

May. 06, 2022

Veterinary syringes are a widely used drug packaging container, such as praziquantel, a deworming drug for horses.

Most horses are affected by parasites, which can cause serious physical problems if infected. When the parasites are present in low amounts they may cause only minor problems, if moderate or more severe, they can seriously affect the health of the horse, which can lead to the appearance and persistence of colic, malnutrition, gastrointestinal Disease, or even damage to internal organs. Praziquantel is a cream or gel anthelmintic that works by disrupting the tapeworm's outer layer, leaving the worm unable to maintain fluid and electrolyte balance.

Application of Veterinary Syringes - Praziquantel for Horses

10ml dosing syringe

Praziquantel for horses uses veterinary syringes as packaging, which is mainly due to the convenience and controllability of administration. When giving medicine, open the protective cap of the package, put the tip into the horse's mouth, and push the push rod. Deworming medicine needs to determine the dosage according to the weight of the horse. This packaging has a positioning ring design and a standard scale is printed on the push rod, which can well control the dosage of the medicine and avoid overdose or underdose.

In a word, the paste syringe is a very convenient package to use, and it also has a quantitative function. This kind of packaging is used for cow endometritis medicine, pet nutrition cream, etc., which is the main reason for its widespread application.

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