veterinary syringe reduces cross infection

Jan. 25, 2021

The veterinary syringe is a special package for uterine infusion drugs. This package integrates drug storage and injection functions, and is convenient to use, and is favored by many veterinary drug companies. However, many people may not understand that the reason why pharmaceutical companies choose infusion devices is not only because of the convenience of use, but also the advantages of this kind of veterinary packaging.

veterinary syringe reduces cross infection

paste syringe

The veterinary horse syringe is convenient to use because the medicine is poured into a container with injection function in advance, and the protective cap can be opened during use to directly inject, eliminating intermediate links, which can effectively reduce cross-infection and ensure the safety of medication to a certain extent And effectiveness. In addition to being convenient to use, this packaging method of drug delivery can minimize drug residues and reduce the production costs of pharmaceutical companies. The plastic syringe can print scales on the push rod and use it with the positioning ring to make the dosage of the medicine more accurate and the treatment effect more significant.

veterinary syringe reduces cross infection

30ml dial a dose syringe

The advantages of the veterinary syringe are actually to achieve a better treatment effect. The way the drug is administered will affect the therapeutic effect and have a direct impact on the cost-effectiveness and brand image of pharmaceutical companies. Convenient devices can bring higher benefits and market share.

The veterinary perfusion device is currently mainly used for milk cow breast perfusion and uterine injection. With the development of my country's veterinary drug industry and the continuous changes in market demand, veterinary drugs will have more diversified packaging requirements, and the functions and advantages of the infusion device will be more in line with market needs, bringing better development for veterinary drug companies.

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