The characteristics of vaccines and selection of veterinary vaccine bottles

May. 24, 2023

There are many common types of veterinary vaccines, such as foot-and-mouth disease vaccines, PRRS vaccines, and pseudorabies vaccines. According to the storage temperature, it can be roughly divided into two categories: inactivated vaccines and live vaccines. What are the characteristics of these two types of vaccines, and how to choose veterinary vaccine bottles?

Specification and material introduction of plastic vaccine bottle

100ml PP vaccine vial

Specification and material introduction of plastic vaccine bottle

250ml PE plastic vaccine bottle

Inactivated vaccines are vaccines that need to be stored at room temperature. The storage temperature of this type of vaccine is 2-8°C. During storage, the vaccine must be strictly prevented from freezing. It cannot be stored at a temperature lower than 0°C, otherwise the inactivated vaccine will deteriorate and affect the quality of the vaccine. immune effect. The other type is vaccines that need to be stored at low temperature. This type of vaccine mainly refers to live vaccines. The storage temperature is below -15°C. The lower the temperature, the longer the storage time.

During the storage and transportation of vaccines, we must pay attention to temperature control. Vaccines that need to be stored at room temperature are afraid of both high temperature and freezing; while vaccines that need to be stored at low temperature are the most taboo to freeze repeatedly, and the danger of melting is even greater. Therefore, vaccines must be stored and transported in strict accordance with the specified temperature. In addition, you should also pay attention to avoid light and moisture. Due to the difference in storage environment, inactivated vaccines generally use plastic veterinary vaccine bottles, while live vaccines mostly use glass bottles.

In addition, before using the vaccine, we should carefully check the name, specification, production date, etc. on the veterinary vaccine bottle. Once the vaccine is found to be demulsified, delaminated, foreign matter, bottle cap leaked, and the expiration date has expired, it should not be used. , and make harmless treatment.

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