From the importance of insect repellent to see the demand for drop bottles

May. 08, 2023

Parasites exist in the environment. Parasites often exist in the environment. Pets will be infected from their mothers when they are young, and they will go out when they grow up. There are a large number of parasites in dangerous environments with overgrown weeds, and pets that do not go out are also infected. risks of. Therefore, insect repellent is a just-needed product for pet families, and the market demand for pet insect repellent drop bottles is also very large.

Precautions for using pet ear drops bottle

ear drop bottle

There are two types of pet parasites: internal and external. When pets have symptoms such as weight loss, lack of energy, loss of appetite, diarrhea, and fatigue, you should be alert to internal parasites. When pets are biting their tails, bodies, and scratching their ears more than ever. His personality is also easily irritable, and he will suddenly lie down and lick his body during sleep and play. At this time, you should pay attention to the fact that they may be attacked by fleas, lice, mites, ticks and other external parasites.

Precautions for using pet ear drops bottle

Single Dose Applicators

After pets are infected with parasites, it will cause anemia, damage to body tissues and organs, secondary infection, and even life-threatening. It will also spread a variety of diseases and affect the health of the owner. The young pets should be dewormed for the first time after weaning, and dewormed once a month thereafter. Adult pets should be dewormed once a quarter, and should be dewormed once before mating. The pet insect repellent drop bottle is a special packaging for insect repellent drops. It consists of a tube cap and a tube body. When administering medicine, the bottle is squeezed to drip the medicine onto the skin of the pet's back neck.

To sum up, from the perspective of the importance and frequency of deworming, pet deworming medicine is just a product that families with pets need. Therefore, the market demand for pet deworming drops bottles is also very considerable.

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