The role of intramammary tube in treatment of dairy cow endometritis

Jun. 07, 2021

Endometritis is a common and frequently-occurring disease in dairy cows. It can cause long-term emptying of cows, implantation of fertilized eggs and early embryonic death. It is often chronic in clinical practice and difficult to detect. If it is not detected and treated in time, it will give The aquaculture industry caused huge losses. Among many treatment methods, using a intramammary tube for drug infusion therapy to the uterus is a fast and effective method.

The role of intramammary tube in the treatment of dairy cow endometritis

intramammary syringe

The cause of dairy cow endometritis is mainly caused by pathogenic microorganism infection or improper feeding and management. Common treatment methods include uterine washing, uterine perfusion, traditional Chinese medicine therapy, hormone therapy and systemic therapy.
(1) Flush the uterus. Flushing the uterus is an effective way to treat acute and chronic endometritis. The principle of treatment is to clean the uterus, eliminate inflammation, and purify the uterus through the use of antibiotics. Once a day or every other day, rinse repeatedly each time until the reflux fluid becomes clear.
(2) Uterine perfusion. Use the intramammary tube to infuse the drug into the uterus. When in use, the protective cap is opened, the drug delivery end is connected to the catheter, and the drug is inserted into the cow's uterus for drug delivery. This treatment method is simple to operate, less irritating to the cow, reduces drug pollution, and is safer and more effective.
(3) Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapy. For those who do not have uterine sluggishness with lochia, administer Yimu Shenghuasan. The prescription is: motherwort 50g, angelica 120g, chuanxiong and peach kernel 45g, dried ginger (pao), moxibustion each 10g, reconstituted with boiling water, and irrigated with temperature, once a day for 5 days. The number of doses can be increased or decreased according to the condition.
(4) Hormonal therapy. On the 16th to 17th days of the estrus cycle, 20 mg of ethestrol was injected into the affected cows. The purpose is to increase the proliferation of uterine epithelial cells, hyperemia of the mucosa, and strengthen the peristalsis of the uterine muscles, which is conducive to the full manifestation of estrus behavior and the full elimination of uterine inflammation. Then, wash and perfusion with penicillin were performed once.
(5) Systemic treatment. According to the general condition, fluid, sugar, salt and alkali can be supplemented.
The above are several common treatment methods for cow endometritis. The specific treatment method to choose depends on the condition of the cow and the breeding environment. It is important to note that before using the intramammary tube for uterine perfusion treatment, it is necessary to make sure that the intramammary tube is packaged intact and there is no leakage to ensure the safety of medication and the therapeutic effect.

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