Requirements for packaging of veterinary drugs for different drugs

May. 06, 2021

Veterinary drugs refer to substances used to prevent, treat and diagnose animal diseases or to purposely regulate animal physiological functions, including vaccines, diagnostic products, antibiotics, biochemical drugs, Chinese medicinal materials, disinfectants, etc., according to the different drug formulations, the packaging of veterinary drugs The requirements are also different.

Requirements for packaging of veterinary drugs for different drugs

veterinary syringe

Although there are many types of veterinary drugs, they are mainly divided into two categories: liquid drugs and powder drugs according to their dosage forms. Liquid medicines generally choose plastic packaging bottles, and the raw materials mainly include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, high barrier, etc. Oral liquid and injection medicines will require the bottle to be transparent and shading. In order to ensure that the medicine is not decomposed and deteriorated under the influence of light, a brown polyester bottle is chosen. Liquid medicines have high requirements on the tightness of the bottle, so in the choice of bottle caps, choose more aluminum caps with rubber plugs to achieve a good sealing effect.

Requirements for packaging of veterinary drugs for different drugs

twin neck bottle

The powder dosage form accounts for a relatively small proportion of veterinary drugs. This type of drug requires moisture-proof packaging for veterinary drugs. Plastic packaging bottles are usually the main ones, sealed with aluminum foil gaskets, and a desiccant is placed in the bottle to ensure the dryness of the internal environment. , Prevent the medicine from being damp and deteriorate
In addition, some highly corrosive drugs (such as disinfectants) require high barrier properties for veterinary drug packaging, and packaging of high barrier materials will be selected to ensure that the drug is in a good state of preservation.
The above are the requirements for the packaging of veterinary drugs for several different veterinary drug types. Choosing the appropriate veterinary drug packaging according to the characteristics of the drug is the basic condition to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the drug.

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