Reduce the incidence of mastitis in dairy cows

Feb. 26, 2021

In the process of dairy cow feeding, mastitis is one of the common diseases, and its causes are complicated, which will cause a decline in milk production and cause serious economic losses to the farmers. To find out the cause of dairy cows, take effective measures to prevent them in advance, and use a perfusion device to treat sick cows with local administration can effectively reduce farm losses.

Reduce the incidence of mastitis in dairy cows

intramammary syringe

The causes of cow mastitis are diverse, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Poor environmental sanitation on the farm

The excrement and urine of the farm should be treated in time. If it is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to breed a large number of pathogenic microorganisms. Under such an environment, the mammary glands of dairy cows are easily infected by bacteria, leading to the occurrence of dairy cow mastitis. These pathogens mainly live in an environment that is not disinfected. If the disinfection is not complete, it will also cause the bacteria to multiply and increase the incidence.

2. There are problems with milking methods and procedures

Adverse factors inhibit the milk reflex, and the milk cannot be squeezed out. The remaining milk in the breast pool can easily cause mastitis. In addition, inadequate milking preparations, stress conditions such as pain and fear, high or low vacuum level of the milking machine, and too hard rubber inner sleeve of the teat cup of the milking machine can all lead to the occurrence of cow mastitis.

3. Infection during dry milk period

In the process of milk drying of cows, because the milk stays in the udder for a long time, infection is extremely prone to cause mastitis. In addition, repeated cessation of milk stimulation, milk leakage from the calving breast, etc. can also cause mastitis.

Understand the causes of mastitis in dairy cows, and targeted prevention is an effective way to reduce the incidence. For dairy cows that are already sick, local administration can be performed through a perfusion device to achieve a better therapeutic effect.

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