China intramammary syringe

Feb. 25, 2021

For intramammary syringe of vet. med. pastes and gels, e.g. for mastitis treatment.

Xinfuda has mastered the production of a new product – syringe-injectors to be filled with preparations against mastitis. 

China intramammary syringe

5ml syringe for cow mastitis

Syringes are manufactured on modern equipment and do not differ from analogues of European manufacturers neither in parameters nor in quality. 

The cannula of a syringe is very elastic and does not injure the teats of the udder.

The cap of a syringe seals the nozzle of the flask and the piston perfectly sits in the flask body leaving no chance to leakage of the substance.

The piston of a syringe ideally slides inside the flask due to the use of special polymer additives approved for contact with food, this feature allows more smooth injections. 

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