Introduction to the production process of disinfectant bottles

Sep. 27, 2021

Disinfectant bottle is a kind of packaging with different shapes and functions.
Disinfectant bottle is a packaging container used to contain disinfectant. Common types include two-neck bottles, press bottles and ordinary bottles. Due to the special bottle types, this kind of packaging is generally used in the process of extrusion and blowing. Extrusion blow molding is an earlier type of blow molding method. It is suitable for blow molding of PE, PP, PVC, PETG, thermoplastic engineering plastics, thermoplastic elastomers and other polymers and various blends. It is mainly used to produce packaging. Containers, storage tanks and other industrial parts. A major feature of this process is that it can produce special-shaped bottles to meet the different requirements of different companies for container shapes.

Introduction to the production process of disinfectant bottles

1000ml HDPE disinfectant bottle A177

Extrusion blowing is the extrusion blow molding process. Firstly, the tubular parison is extruded by the extruder. After the material is melted and plasticized by the extruder, the material is extruded from the die; then, the parison is clamped and closed when the parison arrives. Cut off a section of tube blank while it is hot and place it in the blow mold, close the mold and clamp it at the same time; then inflate the parison, blow compressed air into the parison through the blowing nozzle, and inflate the parison into shape The precise shape of the cavity; then the mold is opened and the product is taken out.

Introduction to the production process of disinfectant bottles

1000ml Dispensing Bottle

The above is an introduction to the production process of disinfectant bottles. There are many types of plastic bottles. The production process is more than just extrusion and blowing. It also includes injection blowing, injection molding, injection stretch blowing, etc., and suitable production processes can be selected for different purposes and materials. Meet the needs of products for storage and special functions.

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