Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilization of plastic vaccine bottles

Sep. 20, 2021

Ethylene oxide is a kind of sterilizing agent, which is suitable for the sterilization of items that cannot be soaked with disinfectant, dry heat, pressure, steam and other chemical gases. It is also a common sterilization method for plastic vaccine bottles. However, ethylene oxide is flammable and explosive, so the following points need to be paid attention to during the sterilization process:

Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilization of plastic vaccine bottles

100ml PP transparent vial

1. The ethylene oxide sterilizer must be placed in a well-ventilated place. Do not place it near the fire source. In order to facilitate maintenance and regular maintenance, 51cm of space should be reserved on each side (including the top) of the ethylene oxide sterilizer. Special exhaust ducts should be installed and completely isolated from other exhaust ducts in the sterilization site.
2. Items to be sterilized must be thoroughly cleaned. Note that they cannot be cleaned with saline. There should be no water droplets or too much water on the sterilized items to avoid dilution and hydrolysis of ethylene oxide. If the packaging material is changed, it should be verified to ensure the reliability of the sterilization of the sterilized items.

Precautions for ethylene oxide sterilization of plastic vaccine bottles

250ml PE vaccine bottle with rubber stopper

3. There should be gaps on the top, bottom, left and right of the loaded items in the sterilization cabinet (the sterilized items cannot touch the cabinet wall), and the items should be placed in a metal mesh basket or on a metal net rack; the amount of items loaded should not exceed the total volume of the cabinet 80% of it.
4. Sterilization treatment: It should be carried out in accordance with the operating instructions of the manufacturer of the ethylene oxide sterilizer; select the appropriate sterilization parameters according to the type, packaging, loading volume and method of the plastic vaccine bottle.
The above points should be paid attention to when the plastic vaccine bottle is sterilized by ethylene oxide. In addition, in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the sterilization, the ethylene oxide sterilization equipment must be regularly cleaned, repaired and debugged in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements.

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