Precautions for the use of cockroach poison syringe

Jun. 09, 2021

Cockroaches are one of the four major pests. They have the characteristics of rapid reproduction, carrying a variety of viruses and bacteria, and can also cause failures of communication equipment and computers. They are called "computer pests." Based on the characteristics of cockroaches, only eliminating cockroaches in the line of sight can not completely get rid of the troubles of cockroaches. The emergence of a kind of cockroach poison syringe to eliminate cockroaches makes it possible to eliminate cockroaches for a long time.

Precautions for the use of cockroach poison syringe

cockroach syringe

Cockroach-killing gel bait is a kind of gastrotoxic drug. Cockroaches become toxic after taking the gel bait. The drug effect interferes with the normal conduction of the cockroach's nervous system, causing blockage of the nerve pathway, resulting in a large increase in acetylcholine, and ultimately death. Some medicines are digested by microorganisms and enzymes in the stomach and cecum, and poison the whole body. Some cockroaches that ate plastic bait returned to the nest and died of the poison. After eating the poisoned carcass, the whole nest became extinct, and it can basically be kept free of cockroaches for more than six months.
This kind of medicine is more convenient to use. Open the cap of the plastic veterinary syringe and use the injection method to apply the medicine in dots. Pay attention to the following matters during application:
1. Apply a small amount and many times in the place where cockroaches are infested, such as the kitchen, the bottom of the refrigerator, the corner of the cabinet, the corner of the wall, the bathroom and other dark and humid places.
2. During the medication period, take measures to seal the food in the house.
3. If it is found that the glue bait has been eaten, it should be added in time.
4. Before and after using this product, do not use repellent drugs, so as not to cause cockroaches to refuse to eat and affect the efficacy of this product.
5. Be careful not to wipe off the glue bait during daily cleaning.
6. If the medicine in the perfusion device is not used up, it should be sealed and stored to keep the validity period of the medicine.
The types of cockroach medicines include sprays, smokes, etc. The cockroach-killing gel bait guaranteed by the cockroach poison syringe is not only convenient to use, but also has a long-lasting cockroach-killing effect. It has become the mainstream cockroach-killing drug in the market and a popular choice for customers.

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