Application of Pet Syringes-Nutritional Cream for Dog and Cat Dermatology

Apr. 25, 2022

With the continuous changes in market demand, pharmaceutical companies have higher and higher functional requirements for packaging, and pet syringes are a kind of packaging with outstanding functionality. On the basis of being used as a drug packaging, it also has the function of drug delivery. This packaging form is chosen for the dog and cat skin disease nutritional cream.

Application of Pet Syringes-Nutritional Cream for Dog and Cat Dermatology

15ml feeding syringe for dog

Dog and cat skin disease nutritional cream is one of many nutritional creams. It is mainly used to help pets repair their skin. If dogs and cats have dull hair, hair loss, dry skin, itching, etc., this nutritional cream can be used to improve . The pet syringe is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. When giving medicine to a pet, through the pressure of the push rod, the drug can be exported through the tip for the pet to eat.

Pet nutritional cream also has strict requirements on the dosage, and excessive or insufficient consumption is not conducive to the health of pets. This package comes with a locating ring and a standard scale printed on the push rod. Calculate the specific dosage before use, slide the positioning ring to the corresponding scale, and push the push rod. When the push rod reaches the position of the positioning ring, it will stop pushing, so as to control the pet's edible dose.

In conclusion, pet syringes are a very efficient and convenient packaging form, and their unique drug delivery design can also reduce drug residues and improve usage rates. This kind of packaging can also be used for the packaging of cow mastitis medicine, cockroach medicine and other medicines.

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