Three requirements for paste syringes for equine sedatives

Mar. 23, 2022

Equine sedatives are complete sedatives that can improve a horse's overall performance, especially during competitions. The dosage form of these drugs is generally paste-based, and paste syringes are also mainly used in packaging. As a horse drug, it mainly has the following three requirements for packaging:

Three requirements for paste syringes for equine sedatives

dial a dose syringe

Three requirements for paste syringes for equine sedatives

horse syringe

1. Airtightness: This is the basic requirement of the drug for packaging. Only the packaging with good airtightness can better avoid the invasion of the external environment and affect the stability of the drug.

2. Convenience: Horses are large. As a kind of equine drug packaging, prefilled syringes must have the function of convenient administration, which is more convenient to operate on the one hand, and also helps to better exert the drug's efficacy. Efficacy.

3. Quantitative feeding: sedatives have relatively high requirements on the dosage of drugs, so the paste dosing syringe will print a standard scale on the push rod, and use it with the positioning ring to administer the drug, accurately control the dosage of the drug, and avoid insufficient dosage or Occurrence of overdose.

The above are the three basic requirements of equine sedatives for paste syringes. As a new type of packaging, this packaging is also widely used in dairy cow mastitis drugs, cow endometritis drugs, pet nutrition cream and other drugs package.

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