Application of Dosing Syringe in Omeprazole for Horses

Mar. 21, 2022

Plastic dosing syringes are both a drug storage container and a drug delivery tool. It has a very common application in equine medicine, and omeprazole, which is used to treat gastric ulcer disease in horses, is used in this packaging.

Application of Dosing Syringe in Omeprazole for Horses

10ml dosing syringe

A equine stomach ulcer is an ulcer that occurs in the stomach. It is also a common digestive tract disease for horses. In adult horses, the professional name is Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS). The main reason for this disease is that due to excessive stomach acid in the stomach, the epithelial mucosa of the squamous area of the stomach (ie, the upper half of the stomach) is exposed to stomach acid for a long time, leading to inflammation and erosion, and finally deep into the stomach wall and causing ulcers.

Application of Dosing Syringe in Omeprazole for Horses

30ml dial a dose syringe

Among the medicines for the treatment of equine gastric ulcers, omeprazole in the form of a paste is mostly used, which can inhibit the gastric acid that causes equine ulcers, and can also prevent equine gastric ulcer syndrome. The packaging of this drug is generally mostly dosing syringes. The packaging consists of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. According to the weight of the horse, the dose of the drug is also different. The scale and positioning ring on the push rod can control the dose of the drug and prevent overdose.

The dosing syringe uses the pressure of the push rod for drug delivery, which can reduce the residue of the drug to a certain extent, improve the utilization rate of the drug, and reduce unnecessary waste. It is an efficient and convenient new type of packaging.

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