Packaging syringe for mastitis

Oct. 29, 2021

Veterinary syringe for the packaging of products for the treatment of Mastitis. This type of packaging is commonly known as mastitis syringes in the veterinary environment, they are used by practically all veterinary pharmaceutical laboratories for the packaging of their products for the treatment, control and eradication of subclinical, clinical or chronic mastitis that occurs in dairy cattle, primarily, this condition is responsible for significant losses for dairy farms, especially those located in intensive production regions. Likewise, it is one of the main causes in making early dairy cow slaughter decisions, derived from the various and recurrent problems in the health of the mammary gland, about 27% of dairy cow slaughter is due to disorders associated with mastitis and loss of milk production.

Packaging syringe for mastitis

5ml intramammary syringe

Packaging syringe for mastitis

10ml udder injector

Therefore, the importance of having a suitable container for the application of pharmaceutical products for mastitis, which guarantees the useful life of the product in its transport, storage, shelf stays and especially in its due and correct application, all Syringe must meet at least the characteristics of tightness, seal, dimensions and measures available to its final use, whether it is the application of drugs for the control of mastitis or the application of dryers.
Other names by which it is known: Mastitis syringe, Intramammary syringe, Syringe with intramammary cannula, Syringe mastitis, Syringe with cannula for mastitis

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