Operation process of dry cow tube

Sep. 28, 2021

Dry cow tube injection is a commonly used drug for the treatment of mastitis in dairy cows during dry milk. It is different from intravenous drugs. This drug uses a veterinary syringe as a package. It is both a packaging container and a drug delivery tool.

Operation process of dry cow tube

10ml udder injector

Mastitis is a common disease in the process of dairy cow breeding, especially in the dry milk period, which can easily lead to mastitis in the early postpartum period of dairy cows, resulting in high lactation performance in dairy cows within 2-3 months after delivery. It is greatly reduced, and in severe cases, it will cause the dairy cows to lose their lactation ability and be eliminated, causing significant economic losses to the farm.
The main ingredient of Qiannaikang breast injection is benzathine cloxacillin, which is used to treat milk cow dry mastitis caused by sensitive bacteria. The operation process during drug delivery is as follows:
1. Now squeeze the milk from the breast, quickly bathe the nipple, and dry the liquid on the nipple with a sterile towel or paper towel;
2. Disinfect the nipple with an alcohol cotton ball, one cotton ball only disinfects one nipple, disinfect the outer pair of nipples first;
3. To infuse the medicine, start with a pair of nipples on the inner side. In order to avoid infection, a needle can only be used on one nipple;
4. Do not insert the breast needle of the prefilled syringe too deep into the nipple tube, just 6cm. After infusion, massage the breast to allow the medicine to reach the breast area;
5. At the end of the perfusion, take another nipple bath.
The above is the operation process of the dry cow tube. The breast is a sensitive area, and the operator needs to do his own disinfection work to avoid unnecessary pollution.

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