Main factors influencing the disinfectant

Oct. 15, 2020

In addition to the nature and characteristics of the disinfection method itself, attention should be paid to the use of methods and external factors on the effect of disinfection. No matter use which kind of disinfection method, its disinfection effect is affected by a lot of factors , mastered these factors and try to use, can improve disinfection effect, can cause disinfection failure conversely.

Main factors influencing the disinfectant

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The main factors influencing the disinfectant disinfection effect are as follows:

1. Use concentration and action time of disinfectant. Under normal circumstances, according to the ministry of agriculture approved the specification of the dilution concentration and action time for disinfection, do not arbitrarily increase the dilution.

2. Microbial species and quantity. Different microorganisms have different resistance to disinfectants, and the amount of microorganisms also affects the disinfection results. So before disinfection to consider the type and quantity of microbial contamination. Generally, the resistance of microorganisms in the environment is from strong to weak as follows: bud (solid cell wall acid)> without capsular virus> capsular virus> bacteria, when selecting disinfectant, appropriate disinfectant or disinfectant combination should be selected according to the microbial situation in the field.

3. Influence of ambient temperature on the effect of disinfectant. Generally speaking, the higher the temperature, the better the effect, in winter when the temperature is lower disinfection, as far as possible to raise the temperature 2℃ ~ 3℃, in order to enhance the disinfection effect, and can reduce the stress caused by disinfection to animals.

4. Influence of environmental humidity on the effect of disinfectant. Humidity has a great influence on fumigation, and too high or too low humidity will affect the disinfection effect. Do not fumigate immediately after washing the barn with water, need to air for a period of time, when there is no obvious water on the ground but damp. When fumigating with formaldehyde or peroxyacetic acid gas, relative humidity 60% ~ 80% is appropriate.

5. Influence of ph in the environment on disinfection effect. Changes in pH seriously affect the effectiveness of disinfectants. For example, hypochlorite solution is weakened when pH increases from 3 to 8. The disinfection effect of chlorine-containing disinfectants, iodine disinfectants and aldehyde Disinfectants was enhanced under acidic conditions, while the disinfection effect of cationic disinfectants such as xinjiermin and caustic soda, quicklime and other basic disinfectants was enhanced under alkaline conditions.

6. Influence of organic matter on disinfectant disinfection effect. Corral in common organic matter, such as urine, feces, feed residue of microorganisms, blocking the protein protection, so must to do mechanical removal before disinfection (physical disinfection, environment can be more than 70% of the microorganisms to remove), clean water is rinsed clean, dry in disinfection, otherwise it will affect the disinfection effect.

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