The innovation of double-neck bottle in packaging

Jul. 11, 2022

My country's pharmaceutical packaging industry is developing rapidly, especially the market demand for plastic bottles is increasing. As a carrier for drug storage, the quality, strength, sealing, moisture resistance, hygiene, safety and other factors of plastic bottles have always been the focus of pharmaceutical companies. With the continuous diversification of market demand, a plastic bottle with two bottles Double-neck bottles with mouth design gradually entered the market.

The innovation of double-neck bottle in packaging

500ml double neck bottle

The double-neck bottle is suitable for the packaging of liquid substances, mainly used in the packaging of animal nutrient solutions, disinfectants, herbicides, pesticides and other products. Compared with the traditional single-mouth plastic bottle, its advantages are obvious: the traditional bottle generally has only one bottle mouth as the only channel for the liquid to enter and exit, while the double-mouth bottle has two bottle mouths, and the two bottle mouths correspond to the dispenser bottle and the dosing cavity respectively. , the quantitative cavity is marked with a scale. When using, first confirm that the bottle caps of the two bottle mouths are in a completely closed state, and gently squeeze the bottle body with your hands until the quantitative chamber is filled with the required capacity. Open the chamber cover and you can use it directly. This kind of packaging is not prone to dripping, the dosage is accurate, and the operation is convenient. The design of the dosing cavity avoids the waste caused by pouring the liquid into the measuring cup from the single-mouth plastic bottle, and improves the utilization rate of the medicine.

The emergence of double-necked bottles is not only the promotion of market demand but also the inevitable development of the times. When pharmaceutical companies choose drug packaging, in addition to meeting the storage needs of drugs, they should also pay attention to the convenience of packaging and use, in order to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

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