Application of syringe-cefquinoxime in dairy cow mastitis disease

Jul. 13, 2022

Dairy mastitis is a common and complex disease that causes the most serious economic losses in the dairy industry. It not only seriously affects the useful life, milk yield and quality of dairy cattle, but also harms food hygiene and human health. In particular, the occurrence of recessive mastitis during the dry period can easily lead to a serious decline in the lactation of dairy cows during the peak postpartum lactation period. Therefore, the dry period of dairy cows is an important period for preventing mastitis and an important part of controlling mastitis.

Application of syringe-cefquinoxime in dairy cow mastitis disease

5ml syringe for cow mastitis

Cefquinoxime is a product developed by the German company Hoechst. It is the only animal-specific drug among the latest fourth-generation cephalosporins. The drug was first approved for marketing in 1993. Because cefquinoxime has a wide range of powerful bactericidal effects and low drug resistance, it has been successfully used in: dairy cow mastitis; Pasteurella, Haemophilus parasite, Streptococcus caused by swine, cattle respiratory system infections; sow udders Inflammation-metritis-agalactia syndrome; sepsis; skin and soft tissue infections. Tests have shown that by treating cow mastitis with cefquinoxime, the drug can quickly penetrate into the deep udder tissue and reach an effective concentration level in the diseased milk area, and the cure rate and effective rate are higher than those of similar preparations.

At present, cefquinoxime is mainly in the form of liquid injection, and the packaging is mostly plastic intramammary syringe. Plastic syringe packaging is widely used in foreign countries. This kind of packaging has the dual functions of drug container and perfusion, and has the advantages of convenient use, low residue and less pollution. Some large domestic veterinary drug companies have gradually introduced this kind of packaging, and have received good results. market response.

Cefquinoxime should be used to thoroughly clean the nipple and edges with a suitable disinfectant before administration, and forcefully empty the milk from the infected udder. Insert the veterinary syringe into the milk duct, gently and continuously push the plunger of the syringe and massage the breast to distribute the medicine evenly in the milk chamber. Plastic syringes are for single use only and are not allowed to be reused.

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