How long can the vaccine be stored after opening the plastic vaccine bottle?

Aug. 25, 2021

Animal vaccines are the main way to prevent animal diseases, and the quality of vaccines is related to the final immune effect. During the immunization process, we will encounter the situation that the vaccine cannot be used up. If the plastic vaccine bottle is opened, how long can the vaccine be stored?

How long can the vaccine be stored after opening the plastic vaccine bottle?cid=3

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Animal vaccines are generally divided into inactivated vaccines and attenuated live vaccines. These two vaccines have their own characteristics and are also different in packaging. Among them, plastic vaccine bottles generally contain inactivated vaccines. Inactivated vaccines are vaccines made by using physical or chemical methods to treat microorganisms so that they lose their infectivity or toxicity and maintain good immunogenicity. It has the characteristics of safety, no return to ancestors, no return to strength, and easy storage and transportation. This kind of vaccine is generally a liquid preparation, containing adjuvants, fire extinguishing agents and stabilizers. Freezing may affect the stability of the vaccine, causing the antigen and adjuvant to be stratified, affecting the immune effect, so it is generally stored at 2-8°C in the dark , Strictly prevent freezing.
The capacity of inactivated vaccines is generally relatively large, and sometimes it may not be used up once after opening. In order to avoid waste, some farms choose to save the vaccine again and use it next time. In fact, this approach is wrong. After the vaccine is opened, its environment has changed. It must be vaccinated as soon as possible. If the vaccine is not used up, try to use it up on the same day. If it is not used up, it should be discarded.
Immunization is a complex physiological reaction process, which must be operated in strict accordance with regulations. After the plastic vaccine bottle is opened, the vaccine has a limited shelf life. If an animal is injected with a vaccine stored for a long time after opening, it will not only affect the immune effect, but even endanger the health of the animal and cause unnecessary losses to the farm.

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