Five Components of a Pet Syringe

Apr. 18, 2022

Pet nutrition ointment is a kind of paste nutritional supplement, which is mainly used for quick replenishment of daily nutrition required by dogs and cats. Different from other packaging, pet syringe also has the function of drug delivery on the basis of drug storage. It consists of the following five parts:

Five Components of a Pet Syringe

15ml feeding syringe for dog

Five Components of a Pet Syringe

30ml oral syringe for dog

1. Tube sleeve: This is the core part of the pet syringe. It is produced by injection molding process and is mainly used to store nutrition cream.

2. Push rod: a push device, after the drug is stored in the tube sleeve, push the push rod, so that the drug can be exported through the tip to complete the drug delivery.

3. Piston: A kind of rubber plug is installed on the push rod. The main function is to facilitate the pushing of the push rod and play a role in lubrication.

4. Protective cap: a small part at the tip of the package, which acts like a bottle cap and acts as a seal to isolate the influence of the external environment on the drug.

5. Positioning ring: a dosing device, used in conjunction with a push rod. There is a standard scale printed on the push rod. Calculate the required drug dose before administration, slide the positioning ring to the corresponding scale, push the push rod, and the push rod will stop when it reaches the positioning ring, which can achieve precise drug administration to animals. .

The above are the five components of the pet nutrition ointment syringe. They are indispensable and together form a completed packaging container and drug delivery tool, which is convenient for users to operate.

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