Double chamber bottle advantage

Nov. 04, 2020

Double chamber bottle advantage

1000ml dispensing bottle

The double chamber bottle also has some different names, such as twin neck bottle, dual neck bottle, twin chamber measuring bottle, squeeze and pour measuring bottle.

The double chamber bottle is a very convenient packaging solution and is used widely in different sectors such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and others. Many factories use this two chamber bottle to package their products. For example, horticulture, animal health, industrial and domestic cleaning markets and so on. The twin neck bottle usually has two same size neck, the small chamber is on the top, the material is made of HDPE, which gives this bottle high tensile strength and good resistance to chemicals. HDPE material has the characters of high tensile strength, good resistance to chemicals, good impact resistance, highly rigid, and highly scratch resistant. The side that larger is the main repository which is squeezed for transferring an accurate amount of liquid to the smaller dual dispensing chamber bottle thus allowing the users to measure and pour easily.

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