Cockroach bait syringe appliaction

Nov. 02, 2020

Cockroach bait syringe appliaction

10ml cockroach killer tube

The cockroach killer bait syringe has three parts, syringe tube, syringe plunger and syringe cap.The cockroach bait syringe is made of PE or PP plastic material.

The cockroach syringe has a soft narrow tip,so you can control the dosage easily. The syringe cap of this style syringe can keep the bait wet when you don't use the bait.

First, in the bait factory, they will fill the bait into the cockroach killer bait syringe, there are two ways to fill in.the one way is from the narrow tip of syringe tube,this way is suitable for volume-produce,because the way is easy to fill,but need the professional filling equipment. the other way is form the bottom of syringe tube,this way is suitable for small scale production,this way need worker fill, so the efficiency is lower than the other way.

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